We are working diligently to get all of our inventory listed here on our new website. Today we have started populating our Moral Patch section. We do not have all of them listed however we do have a decent selection listed that will be expanding in coming days. We have samples in route for our line of buffers. We will be offering Tungsten weighted buffers made and assembled in the United States of America and of course we sourced the leading manufacturer for this project. We have our own line of gas tubes and we are working to expand that selection into the plus one and plus two lengths. Due to the quick switch from one website to our current one we have been spending more time working here which has taken time away from our YouTube channel. We will be making a video this week or weekend as we have not went this long without a post. We did get lighting and a backdrop along with a new camera and microphone to provide better quality content. We are still doing custom build maps and helping customers find the right parts to achieve the desired results. Feel free to call or email us today with any questions. Thank you all for your support.  

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