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Strike Pit Stock

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Pit Stock
It’s time to rethink what you really need a stock to do.  It’s time to rethink what a stock can do.  It’s time to reject the status quo, the compromises we all have taken for what is, rather than think about what can be.  The AR as a compact platform, has always felt like an amalgamation of ad hoc fixes rather than a dedicated system of components designed from the ground up to work in harmony with the shooter.  Once again, Strike Industries has the solution: the Pit stock system. 

Strike Industries Advanced Receiver Extension 
The Strike Industries Advanced Receiver extension brings an updated aesthetic and increased functionality to an often neglected, yet highly important component of the AR15/AR10 weapon system.  The scalloped surfaces decrease friction with tight fitting stocks, and shaves weight while retaining mass in critical stressed areas.  

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