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5 Practical Reasons to Clean Your Handgun

There are several reasons people buy handguns. Some are fond of sharpshooting and engage in firearms training as part of

The Fail-Proof Ammunition Purchasing Guide

So, you have a new gun. Now, it’s time to load it up with the right ammunition to put it

The Difference between a Clip & Magazine

There are countless terms when it comes to firearms, so, understandably, you’d mistake clips from magazines, especially since media and

5 Tips to Clean and Maintain Your Handgun

No matter what type of handgun you decide to purchase, some cleaning is required to ensure it remains in the

5 Must Have Accessories for your Glock 23

The GLOCK 23 is one of the most popular firearms out there, but you may have felt frustrated with a

New Website!

Thank you all for your continued support on this Journey! I received a lot of input from folks on the


We are seeing legislature pop up in States across our nation. The power has shifted  making many anti gun politicians