We have been hard at work trying to source products and fill back orders as quickly as possible. 

Aero Precision: We are on roughly day 8 without any uppers coming in stock that we carry from Aero Precision. There was one odd ball that came in stock that we missed but it was something we have never listed. I spend the majority of my day on Aero Precisions website with a few others up in my task bar. I have been able to buy a couple uppers every drop on my own. Today we found a software that will help us monitor these products every 5 Sec! This will contact me if any changes are made 24/7 no matter where I am. That being said any item that is on back order or out of stock from Aero is being watched by this system. We are working to have it watching all products we do not have in stock at all suppliers by the end of the day. We want to get your order to you ASAP! 

Odin Works: We have already implemented the software to give us an extra set of eyes for those on back order. Odin has quite a back log and was struggling to find materials a few months ago. They seem to be recovering from the supply issue however they are still behind on the demand side. We have back orders placed for all out of stock orders. ETA is still hard to get from these larger companies due to all the variables and moving parts. 

80 Percent Arms: We have closed the bulk of these orders. We are still waiting for the gen 2 multi platform jigs to ship to us.  All other jigs have been shipped already. Most small parts have also shipped. We hope to have tracking out on all these orders by the end of the month. I do not have an ETA for these jigs from 80 percent arms at this time. Manufacturing capabilities have been the limiting factor for many companies. Just because 1k units can be made per however long does not mean they will all pass inspection. A decent quantity of any part required for a kit can really slow the kits down. This has been the same issue many companies are facing in different areas to include polymer 80 and many more. 

Polymer 80: We are placing orders to polymer 80 faster than we are receiving them in hopes that we will be able to keep some in stock outside of our orders upon receiving shipments. Polymer 80 is the furthest behind at this point. We have not received a shipment in a few months prompting the extra orders to try to flatten our out of stock curve if you will. I call Polymer 80 around 15 times a week and have someone on the line 2-3 days a week fighting to get our orders. The best they have told me is that we are at the top of the cue for many of the items. We have been successful in shipping out of stock orders out the same day they arrive to us here. We can only control what is within our reach. 

Magpul Products: have been out of stock for quite some time at all of our suppliers. The software that was mentioned earlier has been put in place for our out of stock products from this company. 

There are a few other products that have not been mentioned in this post. Those will be added by the end of the day to this watchlist system to help me keep eyes on all products all day everyday while still answering calls and sending emails. I appreciate each and every one of you for shopping with Premium Outfitters USA. We will get through this pandemic while continuing our mission to serve this community!

Thank you all for your support


_Curtis Obst

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