Our 1911 accessories, kits, and parts are designed to enhance the function and performance of your 1911 firearm. Whether you’re looking for a new grip, magazine, or kit, we’ve got you covered! We feature popular brands that are designed to help you carry, manage, and customize your 1911. Our selection of accessories, kits, and parts includes options for both new and experienced shooters.

1911 parts  and accessories include:

  • Grips: Our grips are designed to improve your grip on your 1911 and provide a more comfortable shooting experience. We offer a variety of colors, textures, and designs to choose from.
  • Magazines: We carry a wide selection of magazines for your 1911, including high capacity options. Our magazines are designed to provide reliable feeding and give you the extra firepower you need.
  • Kits: Our kits include everything you need to upgrade, maintain, or repair your 1911. Each kit is designed for a specific purpose, such as competitive shooting or self-defense.
  • 1911 Parts: We offer a variety of parts for your 1911, including replacement parts, upgrades, and aftermarket options. Our parts are designed to improve the function and performance of your gun.

Look through our inventory to find the best deals on the market!  You won’t be disappointed with our selection of accessories, kits, and parts. Thanks for choosing Premium Outfitters.

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