The GLOCK 23 is one of the most popular firearms out there, but you may have felt frustrated with a few of its flaws. For instance, you might have complained about the gun’s short magazine release, the plastic sights, or had your skin rubbed raw, giving you the dreaded GLOCK knuckle. Fortunately, these things can be resolved by investing in gun accessories made especially for this firearm, putting your worries to bed.

Whether you’re due for an upgrade, want to enjoy everything your GLOCK has to offer, or you’d like to avoid all these problems together, getting a few accessories will vastly improve your experience. Here are five must-have accessories for your GLOCK 23:

Extended Controls

Not everyone is a fan of GLOCK’s short magazine release or its slide stop, which is a bit too flat for some preferences. If it were a bit longer, its parts would be more accessible, preventing you from having to adjust your grip to hold onto the magazine release. You’ll also have to worry about finding the right angle to use your thumb to push down on the slide stop lever, taking precious seconds in a competition or hampering your performance in a range.

Fortunately, you can get extended controls to solve all these problems. You’ll have an easier time reaching the slide. You can also opt for extended magazine releases, eliminating the need to shift your grip to reach the stock magazine release.

Better Sights

The stock plastic sights on the GLOCK are very middling, but they do the job. However, if you want to improve your accuracy and enjoy a better sight picture, upgrading your GLOCK’s sight will make a world of difference. There are many different sights you can upgrade to, which means you’ll be spoiled for choice!

A Complete Pyramid Trigger System

Many people aren’t enthusiasts of a beveled trigger on a 34 that feels less than stellar or the serrations present on a 19’s trigger shoe. Unfortunately, the GLOCK 23 is similar in these ways. If you’d like to upgrade your GLOCK, you’ll want to invest in a complete trigger system, which enhances your trigger.

You have two choices with a complete system. You can opt for the design that resembles the traditional profile of a trigger, known as the classic pyramid. You can also choose a straight shoe design that results in a shorter overall trigger pull, which takes its inspiration from the most popular competition styles, like the flat-face pyramid. As a bonus, you’ll have a competition spring kit, a double diamond connector, and a titanium-coated safety plunger to sweeten the deal.

GLOCK Knuckle Cut and Trigger Undercut

You may have heard of GLOCK knuckle at some point, which is the callus your finger develops from rubbing against the trigger guard too often. To prevent this irritating bump, you’ll need to purchase a Glock Knuckle Cut and Trigger Undercut, allowing your fingers more room to move while smoothing the trigger guard surfaces.

Guide Rods

Lastly, adding guide rods will give you a massive reduction in muzzle rise, allowing you to stay on target and improve your accuracy. This upgrade is handy and straightforward since you can do it yourself. All you have to do is to remove your slide, take the plastic guide rod out, replace it with a Tungsten guide rod, and put it on the frame.


These simple gun accessories will vastly improve your usage of your GLOCK 23, enhancing your aim and generally making it more comfortable to use. With these upgrades, your GLOCK 23 will be your favorite gun to take to the range!

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