No matter what type of handgun you decide to purchase, some cleaning is required to ensure it remains in the best operational state possible. However, the exact cleaning process will differ from handgun to handgun, meaning that how you clean one might differ from how you will clean another. Fortunately, regardless of what firearm you are using, there are many tips that you can follow that apply well to essentially any firearm you are working with.

Here are the tips to thoroughly clean and maintain any handgun you may own:

1. Empty the gun

Safety is always your priority, so before you do anything with the handgun, check and check again to see if it is empty. This includes removing the magazine and checking the chamber for any bullets. Even if you think that it is empty, check again! The last thing you want to happen is the weapon accidentally firing, possibly hurting you or worse.

2. Check the manual

Always check the manual for the handgun. This is especially important if you have forgotten how to disassemble the gun, as the manual will give you instructions on exactly how to do that. It will also teach you the weapon’s inner workings, allowing you to effectively and safely disassemble everything. The manual can also instruct you on how to handle the gun safely. If your firearm does not come with a manual, reach out to the weapon’s original manufacturer to request it.

3. Prepare the supplies

Before you actually start disassembling your handgun, it is best that you have all the supplies you need at the proper workstation. This way, you can keep things within reach, maintaining smooth progress in cleaning your gun. Also, make sure the area is well lit and ventilated so that you can stay in a comfortable working area that allows you to inspect the firearm thoroughly.

4. Use an organizer

There are many parts to the firearm, and losing track of the items is easy to do, not to mention lead to a gun that ends up not working after you try and reassemble it. As such, we highly recommend getting an organizer to store small pieces in it. That way, not only will you eliminate the chances of losing small parts, but you can easily remember where each part goes back to if you strategize a little!

5. Lubricate the firearm

After you have cleaned your gun, do not forget to lubricate it. This is because your cleaning method may have stripped the firearm from any essential lubricants to protect the metal pieces. Rusting can easily follow, which can spell the end of your handgun. With that in mind, lubricate the weapon thoroughly and as needed to protect it from rusting and allow the weapon to perform at peak efficiency.


With all of that completed, you are almost done! Now, all that there is to be done is to test your weapon. If it works perfectly fine, you are good to go. With that out of the way, remember that you can essentially apply all of the above tips to any weapon you want to clean. Everything from reading the manual to creating a proper workstation are tips that can help you effectively clean your firearm, whether it be a handgun or a hunting rifle. They will ensure that the cleaning and maintenance job is done properly and that the gun can perform at its best.

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