We are seeing legislature pop up in States across our nation. The power has shifted  making many anti gun politicians ambitious to attempt additional legislature. The NRA has dissolved in New York to reincorporate in Texas. Social media platforms have been banning pages and forums blocking the creator from even starting another group. SOTAR School Of The American Rifle was one of the victims in this purge effort. In the past 48 hours we have seen our following on Facebook starting to fall off. We had been stuck at 3000 followers for months. We broke 3000 and the next day we where below again. Today we lost over 15 followers in the past 12 hours. It may seem small but that is a large number in a short time here. We will be using this Blog as we have more customers that followers on any social media I believe this may be our best form to communicate updates and announcements such as this one. We will be looking for other forms of Social Media to work with. The Facebook page will stay up until they take it down. we do not discuss politics on the company page but Guns pages are a target at the moment. 

I will write up updates from this week and post a similar blog post that will also go out in the form of an Email to our Email list. 

Thank you all for your support and helping me take this company to the next level. I will continue to work to expand and make our company better. 

-Curtis Obst