Premium Outfitters USA P-EPC Premium Ejection Port Cover Double Dimple

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P-EPC is the Premium Outfitters USA collaboration with Forward Controls Designs! The first few releases where single dimple. The next batch to release will be the double dimple version for the first time here! We are working to grow our OEM selection. Check out our gas tubes for your next project. Thank you, all new friends, and old for your support!


P-EPC Has arrived! These dust covers are cut from a different cloth. Designed and manufactured by Forward Controls Designs.

Cerakote is not only a more durable finish that also reduces IR signature in comparison to other finishes available on the Market.

We had to put our spin on these by doing what we do best. Listening to our fan base. I present to you the first ever Purple and Grey OEM EPC!

We include a nifty product card that is made on true postcard stock that could be turned into a magnet or used in several other ways. Being this is our initial release I would love to see photos of your projects with our new P-EPC! These dust covers have both the FCD logo and our Secret Squirrel logo.


Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × .5 in

Black, FDE, Grey, ODG, Purple, Tanodized


Premium Outfitters USA

10 reviews for Premium Outfitters USA P-EPC Premium Ejection Port Cover Double Dimple

  1. Paul Tolen (verified owner)

    Awesome product great fit and extremely fast shipping!

  2. uhs470015485 (verified owner)

    As always super fast shipping and a great product. Perfect fit and sweet color options. Also a great owner to deal with

  3. Taylor Epp (verified owner)

    These things are cleeeeaaaaan. Digging the color options.

  4. Josh (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Awesome seller. Awesome service. Can’t go wrong

  5. Ashton (verified owner)

    Fantastic quality and the buying experience was awesome. The owner is a one man shop and is truly dedicated to customer service and helping get you what you need.

  6. Brent Kummer (verified owner)

    Amazing Quality, the best logo out there and shipping was super fast.

  7. Buddy (verified owner)

    Fantastic pricing, fast shipping, and super friendly.
    I got a neat little handwritten thank you card, nice touch.

    Will be buying from premium outfitters more often!

  8. Sean (verified owner)

    Drip, splash! These are hot. The Purp isn’t as pink to the eye. They’re lighter than the ADM ano, but embrace the 50 shades. Tano is a slight bit darker than 1917 khaki rustoleum, but still looks good together.

  9. Brett Newman (verified owner)

    If you’re fast enough to catch a drop you’re in for a treat.

  10. Jonathan Arestad (verified owner)

    Fantastic dude to deal with. Cerakote is much better than ano, both for color and durability. ODG matches my ODG receiver set nicely.

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