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P80 9mm Frame Parts Kit w/ Complete Trigger Assembly

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The Polymer80 PF-Series Full Pistol Frame Parts Kit is compatible with the PF940v2, PF940C, PF940SC frame assemblies. Giving the end user multiple options with one kit, Polymer80 has included two trigger shoe styles, curved and flat. Also, there are three options for the slide lock spring, compact, subcompact and full-size slide lock spring. No matter what size 9mm PF-Series frame the end user has, the Polymer80 Pistol Frame Parts Kit is perfectly suited for your next build. The following parts are included: Flat Trigger Shoe, Curved Trigger Shoe, Trigger Safety, Trigger Bar, Trigger Spring, Trigger Housing, 9mm Ejector, Connector, Magazine Release, Magazine Release Spring, Slide Lock Lever, Compact Slide Lock Spring, Full Size Slide Lock Spring, Subcompact Slide Lock Spring (coil spring type), Slide Catch Lever, Trigger Pin, Locking Block Pin

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