Last months main focus was setting up dealer accounts and creating more direct relationships with the brands we all know and love. Badger Ordnance, Hoplite, Centurion Arms, Duramag, Competition Electronics, and Modern Armory.

There are a few more in the works that will be announced at a later date. Currently we have a batch of duramags on order for the squirrel mags. The first round sold out in pre order for the ODG duramags. I will be opening a round 2 in FDE likely next week sometime.

P-EPC dust covers are 2-3 weeks out at the finishing shop. Batch 3 will have 120 units, 20 of each color. There will be 4 drops for this batch.

The semester just started back up for me. This semester I am mostly working with 3D design softwares which will allow me to prototype products in house upon completion. This has been a goal here for quite a few years. It feels good to be getting close. We are working to expand our stocking selection and very soon more of our OEM will be in development.

LIMITED EDITION SQUIRREL PATCHES: These are made by Bald Bros. Approximately half remain. These will never be made with numbers on them again. Get one of the first 100!

New company hats snap back and flex fit size S/M are in stock. Logo is centered on the front and a small squirrel patch on the back also in leather.

There are a ton of awesome projects in motion here folks. Our first OEM product here was our gas tubes! If you are working a new build or just need some gas tubes, give ours a try.

Thank you all for your support over the years. We still have much to come. Have a great day!